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We can provide help with financial problems. We are financial problem solvers.

After obtaining the necessary details and conducting an analysis, this could be achieved by lowering payments being made. Better investments leading to growth of savings or lump sum investments. Also planning for retirement, by pensions analysis and rearrangement. Providing protection for the business or family by life cover and serious illness protection plans. Or providing lower cost and more comprehensive cover plans/policies for business cover or family cover.

We can advise clients with no money how they can start to save and build up a fund, and an asset. This starts with the simple psychology of thinking like a saver instead of a spender. This also can generally involve restructuring loans.

We can plan for clients to build up funds for retirement by investments, pensions, shares, or investing in property. 

Ellison Financial specialise in transferring UK pensions to Ireland for clients who have relocated back to Ireland. We make it easy for you, by handling all the administration and correspondence at our end, and hence we look after all the hard work. Contact us for more details.

We can obtain protection policies (life cover and serious illness cover policies) for clients with lower cost premiums and more comprehensive cover (as a Financial Broker).

One of the main keys to providing successful financial advice with good results for the client is obtaining an understanding from the client of "risk versus reward". You must obtain from the client his opinion/view of whether he wants to obtain the opportunity of big rewards by taking large risks. However this is levelled (smoothed out), and risk decreased by longer term investment. Or whether the client does not want to take risks and will thus settle for more modest investment growth rewards (or with guarantees etc).

As a Financial Broker and therefore not being "tied" to any one Insurance, or Investment Company, we can deal with Insurance Companies on the Client's behalf to obtain competitive plans, investments, and policies, to suit the individual and personal situation of our Clients.

The small to medium sized businessperson needs to consider how their business, and indeed their family, will survive in the event of contracting a serious illness or death. You will require income for both the business and family in the event of long term absence due to illness or disability.

In the event of death, business loans and tax liabilities need to be cleared, otherwise the business could be liquidated and the business would not be passed on intact to your children or family. This is where protection planning is required.

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