How To Save Money Through Planning & Restructuring

Ellison Financial PlanningAfter obtaining client details of current financial facts situation, aims and objectives, and attitude to risk, we can analyse, recommend, and restructure finances to obtain clients' aims/plans.

We can look at restructuring an investment portfolio, analyse restructuring, or investments leading to growth of savings or lump sum investments, planning for retirement with pensions, providing protection for the business or family by life cover and serious illness protection plans, or providing lower cost and maybe more comprehensive cover plans/policies for business cover or family cover.

We can advise clients how they can maximize savings and assets tax efficiently.

We can advise clients with loans and liabilities how to switch them to the "saver" mode and plan building up money for them for the medium and long term (lump sum investment and pension on retirement).

We can advise clients how to commence saving and build up a fund, and an asset. This starts with the simple psychology of thinking like a saver instead of a spender. 

We can plan for clients to build up funds for retirement by investments, pensions, shares, or investing in property.

Ellison Financial specialise in transferring UK pensions to Ireland for clients who have relocated back to Ireland. We make it easy for you, by handling all the administration and correspondence at our end, and hence we look after all the hard work. Contact us for more details.

We can obtain protection policies (life cover and serious illness cover policies) for clients with lower cost premiums and more comprehensive cover. 

One of the main keys to providing successful financial advice with good results for the client is obtaining an understanding from the client of "risk versus reward". We ask clients for their opinion/view of whether he/she wants to obtain the opportunity of big rewards by taking large risks or low risks with smaller, more secure rewards etc. However this is levelled (smoothed) out, and risk decreased by longer term investment. Or whether the client does not want to take risks and will thus settle for more modest investment growth rewards (usually with capital or fixed growth guarantees).

As a Financial Advisor and Financial Broker and therefore not being "tied" to any one Insurance, or Investment Company, we can deal with Insurance Companies on the Client's behalf to obtain competitive plans, investments, policies, to suit the individual and personal situation of our Clients.

In arranging investments, pensions, and protection, we look after the Client from beginning to end. For example we can obtain the tax relief certificate for pension tax relief on the pension premiums for the Client. We can oversee the whole process.

We can provide ongoing client reviews, amendments on plans and policies, and helping with claims and maturities. In essence we are there when we are needed most.

From the perspective of the consumer "value for money" is the watchword for Financial Advisors and Brokers like ourselves. As Financial Brokers we can place business with several companies, so the system forces insurance companies to compete on their charges and range of products offered in investments, pensions, and protection etc. As a Financial Advisor & Broker we can offer comprehensive choice, value and advice on a different range of different products in the insurance, pensions, and investment areas. Our long experience and expertise in the business can benefit the consumer in the advice we are able to provide.

The role of the Financial Broker like ourselves comes into play in the longer term commitment to the Industry which ensures that the consumer, our clients, can expect a greater level of after sales service, independent service, than if the client dealt direct with one company - be it one Insurance Company (here the client does not receive independent advice or policies or plans. He/she only receives the products and advice of the one Institution has to offer).

That is why advice is important.



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